Troubleshooting a Car That Won’t Start

Did you ever consider those wonderful days when your car won’t start? If you left your lights, radio, or some other electrical gizmo on after you parked the car, you know what the trouble is: Your battery is dead. Of course, there are other possible reasons that your car won’t start.

  • The car is silent when you turn the key in the ignition. Check the battery terminal cable connections. (See How to Check Your Car Battery.) If they look very corroded, force the point of a screwdriver (with an insulated or wooden handle) between the connector and the terminal post and twist it to lodge it firmly. Then try to start the engine. If it starts, you need to clean or replace your cables — Tyres ACT
  • The car makes a clicking noise but won’t start. This sound usually means a dead battery. If not, check the wiring to and from the starter for a loose connection — Cheap Tyres
  • The car cranks over but won’t start. Check the fuel supply to your engine. If that’s okay, check whether the electrical spark is getting to your spark plugs — Used Tyres
  • The engine starts but dies. If your car has a carburetor, check your carburetor adjustment and your choke to see whether the choke is first closing and then opening. If you have fuel injection, you’ll need professional help — Discount Tyres
  • The car won’t start on rainy days. Check inside the distributor cap for dampness. If you find moisture, get some mechanic’s solvent from your friendly service station — they use it to clean car parts — or buy an aerosol can of it at an auto supply store. To evaporate any dampness inside the distributor cap, turn the cap upside down and pour or spray some solvent into it. Swish it around and pour it out. Then dry the cap as best you can with a clean, lint-free rag and replace the cap — New Tyres
    only use clean solvent; even a tiny speck of dirt can foul the points. Gasoline won’t do because a spark can ignite gasoline fumes and cause an explosion or a fire.



  • The engine misses while idling. Check the points (if your car has a non-electronic distributor) and the spark plugs. (How toRemove Old Spark Plugs explains getting bad spark plugs gone.) Also check the fuel pump, fuel filter, and carburetor, if you have one. (If your fuel filter’s the problem, check out How to Change Your Vehicle’s Fuel Filter.) — Tyres Australia
  • The car won’t start on cold mornings. For vehicles with carburetors,check the choke. Is it closed? Does it open? If you have fuel injection, you’ll need to have a professional diagnose the cold-start problems.
  • The engine misses or hesitates during acceleration. Check the accelerator pump in the carburetor (if equipped), the spark plugs, the distributor, and the timing.
  • The engine knocks or pings. Check your timing; also check the octane rating of the fuel you’re using. The owner’s manual     can tell you whether your vehicle needs regular unleaded or premium gasoline. Check the cooling system —



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Most Expensive Cars In The World

1. Maybach Exelero: $8,000,000

Price: $8 million
Country of Origin: Germany
Engine: V12 twin turbo
0-60 mph: 4.4 seconds

The exelero, commissioned by the tyre company Fulda is a chopped-down two-seater coupe. Though it is much more than just a show car. During the tests at the Nardo high-speed oval, the model reached the top speed of 218.38 miles per hour even though it weighed around 2.6 tonnes. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds. The design of the car is the result of the competition among the students at the Pforzheim Polytechnic Department of Transport Design which has designed the show vehicles for Fulda during the past. The designing of the 24 year old Fredrik Burchhard was selected and the entire work was coordinated with Mayback design centre in Sindelfingen. Basing on the Maybach 57 limousine the project required a certain amount of re-engineering: the A-pillar and the doors were to be shifted backwards and the steering column, the pedals and the gearshift had to be relocated altogether. The benchmark 550- bhp v12 engine was prepared for 5.9 litres and tuned for 700 bhp with over 738 lb ft of torque. The final dimensions which were 5890mm long, 2140mm wide and just 1390 mm high the car was packed with a full-spec interior that included leather, neoprene, aluminium and the carnbonfibre finishes. Rapper  Bryan “Birdman” Williams, reportedly spent $8,000,000 on the one-off Maybach Exelero coupe. The rapper has a net worth of $125 million — All Car Tyres Available on Tyresalesonline

2. Bugatti Veyron Supersport: $2,600,000

Price: $2.6 million
Country of Origin: France
Engine: 16-cylindars, 1,200hp
0-60 mph: 2.4 seconds

The fastest and the second most expensive car is the Bugatti Veyron Supersport – what more is there to know? At a whopping $2.6 million the Bugatti Veyron Supersport is the ultimate Bugatti and a test case of how far the VW engineers can go. By getting 1,200 hp from a quad-turbo 8.0 liter w16 engine and the standard built aerodynamics help it reach to the top speed of 267.81 mph. Plus, unlike a lot of rough-around-the-edges hypercars, the Veyron will keep you in the luxury — Finding Tyres Made Easy in Tyresonline

3.Ferrari 599XX: $2,000,000:

Price: $2 million
Country of Origin: Italy
Engine: 700hp V12
0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds

Have a Ferrari 559 and then turn it into a race only supercar and you get the 599XX. It is being powered by a 700-hp model of the factory V12 engine as there are no turbos or the superchargers here. Moreover you can accelerate to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. As a follow up to the Ferrari FXX this model was built in a few numbers for the much pampered Ferrari owners who are welcomed to speed drive their cars at the exclusive track events. Here the debate is centered on whether the car has better looks or better sound. Although Ferrari is yet to announce the price but it is rumored to be more than $2 million.–One of Australia’s biggest Tyre classified sites on the internet.tyresalesonlineEvery 30 seconds we have another new tyre listing online.tyres list right now 458111

4. Zenvo ST1: $1,800,000

Price: $1.8 million
Country of Origin: Denmark
Engine: 1,250hp V8
0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds

Then comes the Zenvo ST1 from Denmark. With the help of this the Danes can add super cars to the litany of things that they are known for which includes Carlsberg beer and the stories narrated by Hans Christian Andersen. It makes 1,250 horsepower with the help of a turbocharged and the supercharged 7.0 liter V8 engine. The cost of this car is 1.8 million and along with it a free $50,000 watch is there for the offing — Advertise Your Business Here Tyres Australia

5.Koenigsegg Agera R: $1,711,000

Price: $1.7 million
Country of Origin: Sweden
Engine: 1,115hp, 5.0-liter V8
0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds

Packed with a twin-turbo 5.0 liter V8, the Agera R by Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg produces the horsepower of 1,115 while running on E85 ethanol. Priced around $1.5 million for the usual Agera and if you want to earn a R badge you may have to give an additional $211,000 — lets find cheap tyres to near you

6. Lamborghini Reventon $1,600,000

Price: $1.6 million
Country of Origin: Italy
Engine: 6.5 L (400 cu in) V12
0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds

The mid-engined sports car, Lamborghini Reventon, which debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor show ranks as one of the most powerful and most expensive Lamborghini cars ever made.– Best Tyre Dealers All Over Australia

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How to Extend Tyre Life:

Now that we know how age and the elements can affect the life of your motor home Tyres, what can you do to help extend the life of tires when they’re not being used?

Considering where and how your motorhome is being stored can add life to your tires. Of course, a covered, dry garage is the best scenario, but we know this isn’t always possible.

1. The first step is to clean the tires. Clean the tires with a mild soap and water. Avoid using tire dressings.  Sidewall rubber contains antioxidants and anti-ozones that are designed to work their way to the surface of the rubber and help protect the tires. Washing tires excessively removes these protective compounds and can age tires prematurely. The same is true of many tire dressings designed to make your tyres shine.

2. Inflate the tires to the manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressure when in storage.

3. Avoid storing tires on petroleum-based products such as asphalt and other heat-absorbing surfaces, and avoid storing tires on frozen ground.

4. If stored outside you should place some type of barrier between the tire and the ground surface. Make sure the blocking is wider than the tires’ tread and longer than the tires’ footprint. If the tires are not blocked properly and the load is not distributed evenly, the tire sidewalls can be damaged.

5. Avoid any exposure to heat and sunlight. If the RV is stored outside, cover the tires with covers that block out the sun.

6. The motorhome should be stored with the least amount of weight on
the tires as possible. That means it should be unloaded prior to storage.

7. You should move the motorhome every few months to help prevent sidewall cracking from the Tyre sitting in one position for too long.
Following these simple tire storage tips can add life to your RV tires, but keep in mind that tire age and exposure to the elements are leading causes for tire failure. Make sure you know the age of your motorhome and automobile tires and always inspect your tires for signs of weather cracking before each trip.

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Five Golden Rules to Tyres Maintenance From

1. Check your tyre pressures regularly. Uneven inflation between tyres affects the driving qualities of your vehicle and makes the tyres wear unevenly.

2.Rotate the positions of your tyres between the front and rear axles after every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometres (3,000 to 6,000 miles) as the tyres wear differently in different positions. Remember to check tyre pressures when changing tyres.

3. Check that you mount your tyres according to the rolling direction marking on the side of the tyre. If the tyres are mounted against their designated rolling direction, their driving qualities will not be optimal in all conditions.

4.Drive smoothly. Panic braking and side-slips shorten the useful life of tyres and this is particularly true of studded tyres.

5. Check your old tyres for uneven wear when changing tyres. Correctly mounted and carefully driven tyres wear evenly. If your tyres show uneven wear, get the driving angles of your car measured and have your tyres mounted and balanced at a professional repair shop.

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