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How to Extend Tyre Life:

Now that we know how age and the elements can affect the life of your motor home Tyres, what can you do to help extend the life of tires when they’re not being used?

Considering where and how your motorhome is being stored can add life to your tires. Of course, a covered, dry garage is the best scenario, but we know this isn’t always possible.

1. The first step is to clean the tires. Clean the tires with a mild soap and water. Avoid using tire dressings.  Sidewall rubber contains antioxidants and anti-ozones that are designed to work their way to the surface of the rubber and help protect the tires. Washing tires excessively removes these protective compounds and can age tires prematurely. The same is true of many tire dressings designed to make your tyres shine.

2. Inflate the tires to the manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressure when in storage.

3. Avoid storing tires on petroleum-based products such as asphalt and other heat-absorbing surfaces, and avoid storing tires on frozen ground.

4. If stored outside you should place some type of barrier between the tire and the ground surface. Make sure the blocking is wider than the tires’ tread and longer than the tires’ footprint. If the tires are not blocked properly and the load is not distributed evenly, the tire sidewalls can be damaged.

5. Avoid any exposure to heat and sunlight. If the RV is stored outside, cover the tires with covers that block out the sun.

6. The motorhome should be stored with the least amount of weight on
the tires as possible. That means it should be unloaded prior to storage.

7. You should move the motorhome every few months to help prevent sidewall cracking from the Tyre sitting in one position for too long.
Following these simple tire storage tips can add life to your RV tires, but keep in mind that tire age and exposure to the elements are leading causes for tire failure. Make sure you know the age of your motorhome and automobile tires and always inspect your tires for signs of weather cracking before each trip.

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