San Mateo Police Remind Residents to Lock Cars

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The San Mateo Police Department is reminding residents to lock their cars as officers have seen a trend of vehicle burglaries in the city recently.

Over the past weekend, officers have been notified of four window-smash auto burglaries in the downtown San Mateo area, Sgt. Dave Norris said.

Window-smash burglaries likely occur due to visible valuable property within a locked vehicle that enticed a criminal to break the window to steal it, Norris said.

San Mateo police offer the following advice:

1) LOCK YOUR CAR! – Unlocked vehicles are the #1 target of these types of bandits…
2) KEEP VALUABLES OUT OF YOUR CAR OR STOW THEM OUT OF SIGHT! – Window-smashes are almost always the result of a locked car and a valued item in plain sight …

Tips while shopping:

1) Program SMPD’s Dispatch line into your mobile phone: 650-522-7700
2) Keep a mobile phone handy, but out of…

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